Address Object

The Address object is an interface to reading email addresses passed in at SMTP time. As such it parses all the formats in RFC-2821 and 2822, and supports correctly escaping email addresses.


  • new Address (user, host)

Create a new address object for user@host

  • new Address (email)

Creates a new address object by parsing the email address. Will throw an exception if the address cannot be parsed.

  • address.user

Access the local part of the email address


Access the domain part of the email adress

  • address.format()

Provides the email address in the appropriate <user@host> format. And deals correctly with the null sender and local names.

  • address.toString()

Same as format().

  • address.address()

Provides the email address in 'user@host' format.

Advanced Usage

It is possible to mess with the regular expressions used to match addresses for stricter or less strict matching.

To change the behaviour mess with the following variables:

var adr = require('./address');
// Now change one of the following. Note they are RegExp objects NOT strings.
// Don't forget to recompile:
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