Logging API

Logging conventions within Haraka

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logline will always always be in the form:

[level] [connection uuid] [origin] message

where origin is "haraka_core" or the name of the plugin which triggered the message, and "connection uuid" is the ID of the connection associated with the message.

when calling a log method on logger, you should provide the plugin object and the connection object anywhere in the arguments to the log method.

logger.logdebug("i like turtles", plugin, connection);

will yield, for example,

[DEBUG] [7F1C820F-DC79-4192-9AA6-5307354B20A6] [dnsbl] i like turtles

if you call the log method on the connection object, you can forego the connection as argument:

connection.logdebug("turtles all the way down", plugin);

and similarly for the log methods on the plugin object:

plugin.logdebug("he just really likes turtles", connection);

failing to provide a connection and/or plugin object will leave the default values in the log (currently "core" and "no_connection").

this is implemented by testing for argument type in the logger.js log* method. objects-as-arguments are then sniffed to try to determine if they're a connection or plugin instance.