auth/auth_ldap plugin

The auth/auth_ldap plugin uses an LDAP bind to authenticate a user. Currently only one server and multiple DNs can be configured. If any of the DN binds succeed, the user is authenticated.


Configuration is stored in config/auth_ldap.ini and uses the INI style formatting.

Only the LOGIN authentication method is supported assuming that passwords in the LDAP database are not stored in cleartext (which would allow for CRAM-MD5). Note that this means passwords will be sent in the clear to the LDAP server unless an ldaps:// conection is used.

Current configuration options in [core] are:

server - the url of the LDAP server (ldap:// or ldaps://)
timeout - time in miliseconds to wait for the server resonse before giving up
rejectUnauthorized - boolean (true or false) as to whether to reject connections
    not verified against a CA. Meaning, a "false" allows non-verified.  



The [dns] section (that is plural DN and not domain name system), is a list of DNs to use to bind. The %u in the strings is substituted with the user name used in the SMTP authentication. Note that the keys have no meaning and the DNs are tried in series until the first successful bind. The LDAP RFC does not allow for parallel binds on a connection, so it is suggested that the most commonly used DN be placed earlier in the list.