auth/auth_vpopmaild plugin

The auth/vpopmaild plugin allows you to authenticate against a vpopmaild daemon.


Configuration is stored in config/auth_vpopmaild.ini and uses INI style formatting.

There are three configuration settings:

  • host: The host/IP that vpopmaild is listening on (default: localhost).
  • port: The TCP port that vpopmaild is listening on (default: 89).
  • sysadmin: A colon separated username:password of a vpopmail user with SYSADMIN privileges (see vpopmail/bin/vmoduser -S). This is only necessary to support CRAM-MD5 which requires access to the clear text password. On new installs, it's best not to use CRAM-MD5, as it requires storing clear text passwords. Legacy clients with MUAs configured to authenticate with CRAM-MD5 will need this enabled.

Per-domain Configuration

Additionally, domains can each have their own configuration for connecting to vpopmaild. The defaults are the same, so only the differences needs to be declared. Example: