auth/flat_file plugin

The auth/flat_file plugin allows you to create a file containing username and password combinations, and have relaying users authenticate from that file.

Note that passwords are stored in clear-text, so this may not be a great idea for large scale systems. However the plugin would be a good start for someone looking to implement authentication using some other form of auth.

Security - it is recommended to switch to auth-encfile to protect your user credentials.

IMPORANT NOTE - this plugin requires that STARTTLS be used via the tls plugin before it will advertise AUTH capabilities by the EHLO command. This is to improve security out-of-the-box. Localhost and any IP in RFC1918 ranges are automatically exempt from this rule.


Configuration is stored in config/auth_flat_file.ini and uses the INI style formatting.

Authentication methods are listed in the [core] section under methods parameter. Lists of authentification methods are comma separated. Currently supported methods are: CRAM-MD5, PLAIN and LOGIN. The PLAIN and LOGIN methods are not secure. That is why TLS is required before AUTH is offered.



Users are stored in the [users] section.