rcpt_to.qmail_deliverable plugin

A client for checking the deliverability of an email address against the qmail-deliverabled daemon.

On incoming messages (relaying=false), the RCPT TO address is validated.

On outgoing messages (relaying=true) the MAIL FROM address is validated when the check\_outbound option is enabled.


The host and port that qmail-deliverabled is listening on can be set by altering the contents of config/rcpt_to.qmail_deliverable.ini

  • host (Default: localhost)
  • port (Default: 8998)
  • check_outbound=true

When check_outbound is enabled, and a connection has relay privileges, the MAIL FROM address is validated as deliverable.

Per-domain Configuration

Additionally, domains can each have their own configuration for connecting to qmail-deliverabled. The defaults are the same, so only the differences needs to be declared. Example: