relay_force_routing plugin

This plugin allows you to force the next hop for the configured domains. It works a lot like the transport map of Postfix.


  • config/relay_dest_domains.ini This config file is shared with relay_acl.js, for the basics see the documentation provided by plugins/relay_acl.js.
    relay_force_routing.js adds the field "nexthop": in the JSON value of the domain. The value of "nexthop": can be hostname or IP optionally follow by .
    domains = { "action": "continue", "nexthop": "" }
    You can also define a default relay using the "any" domain, which will be used if the message's destination domain doesn't match any of the domains already defined.
        [domains]  = { "action": "continue", "nexthop": "" } = { "action": "continue", "nexthop": "" }
        any = { "action": "continue", "nexthop": ""}