rcpt_to.in_host_list plugin

This plugin is the mainstay of an inbound Haraka server. It should list the domains that are local to the host. Mails that have RCPT TO not matching a host in the given list will be passed onto other rcpt hooks. If no rcpt hook accepts the connection, it will be rejected.


  • host_list
    Specifies the list of hosts that are local to this server.
  • host_list_regex
    Specifies the list of regexes that are local to this server. Note all these regexes are anchored with ^regex$. One can choose not to anchor with .*. There is the potential for bad regexes to be too permissive if we don't anchor.
  • host_list.anti_spoof
    When enabled, this will cause Haraka to reject any MAIL FROM where the host appears within the host list but the connected host is not a relay, e.g. connection.relaying is not set either by SMTP AUTH or another plugin like 'relay'.


This plugin checks to see if the MAIL FROM domain is local. When connection.relaying is detected (haraka -h relay) and the MAIL FROM domain is local, this plugin will vouch for any RCPT. This limits relaying users to sending from local domains, which is much safer than letting relay clients send from any domain.

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