avg - Anti-Virus scanner

Implement virus scanning with AVG's TCPD daemon, available for Linux/FreeBSD. AVG linux is free for personal or commercial use and can be downloaded from free.avg.com.

Messages that AVG detects as infected are rejected. Errors will cause the plugin to return temporary failures unless the defer options are changed (see below).


The following options can be set in avg.ini:

  • port (default: 54322)

    TCP port to communicate with the AVG TCPD on.

  • tmpdir (default: /tmp)

    AVG TCPD requires that the message be written to disk and scanned. This setting configures where any temporary files are written to. After scanning, the temporary files are automatically removed.

  • connect_timeout (default: 10)

    Maximum seconds to wait for the socket to connect. Connections taking longer will cause a temporary failure to be sent to the remote MTA.

  • session_timeout

    Maximum number of seconds to wait for a reply to a command before failing. A timeout will cause a temporary failure to be sent to the remote MTA.

  • [defer]

By default, this plugin defers when errors or timeouts are encountered. To fail open (let messages pass when errors are enounctered), set the error and/or timeout values to false.