This plugin delivers mails to rabbitmq queue for further processing.


  • config/rabbitmq.ini This config file provides server address and port of rabbitmq server to deliver with other configs of queues and exchange.


      ; This is name of exchange.
      exchangeName  = emailMessages
      ; ip and port of the server.
      server_ip = localhost
      server_port = 5672
      ; user and password
      user = guest
      password = guest
      ; name of the queue which reader will read
      queueName = email
      ; This is for making it persistant while publishing message
      deliveryMode = 2
      ; If true it will require ack for marking it complete from worker
      confirm = true
      ; Again for persistance passed while creating queue
      durable = true
      ; if true will delete queue if publisher quits
      autoDelete = false
      ; type of the exchange
      exchangeType = direct

More information about rabbitmq can be found at https://www.rabbitmq.com/