queue/rabbitmq_amqplib plugin

This plugin delivers emails to RabbitMQ queue for further processing. Based on queue/rabbitmq but using amqplib.



  • config/rabbitmq.ini - Connection, exchange and queue settings
; Connection
; Protocol. Either "amqp" or "amqps"
protocol = amqp
host = localhost
port = 5672
;Virtual Host. Start with "/". Leave blank or not use if you don't want to use virtual hosts.
vhost = /haraka
user = guest
password = guest
; Exchange
exchangeName  = email_messages
exchangeType = direct
; Queue
queueName = emails
deliveryMode = 2
confirm = true
durable = true
autoDelete = false

More information about RabbitMQ can be found at https://www.rabbitmq.com/

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