queue/smtp_bridge plugin

This plugin delivers to another SMTP server, bridging the authentication details and post data from the initial connection.

This plugin is meant to be used with the plugin auth/auth_bridge.

It is different than queue/smtp_proxy or queue/smpt_forward because it doesn't use the AUTH details from a configuration file. This plugins simply post the data from the original connection to the remote SMTP server using the original AUTH details.


Configuration is stored in config/smtp_bridge.ini and uses the INI style formatting.

The configuration of this plugin is simple:

  • host: the host where you will be authenticating and posting, for example smtp.host.tld. This is the only setting required.

If needed you can also set

  • port: default to empty and Haraka will use 25.
  • auth_type: default to empty and Haraka will try to pick an appropriate method.
  • priority: default to 10.