This plugin makes it possible to relay outbound mails using IP based ACLs and relay inbound mails using destination domains.


  • config/relay_acl_allow Allowed IP ranges in CIDR notation, one per line. IPs listed in here will be allowed to send mails without any furthur checks.

  • config/relay_dest_domains.ini Allowed destination domains. The format is in ini file, the domain is the key and the value is in JSON, all under the [domains] section. Currently supported field is "action": where the value can be "accept" (accept the mail without further checks), "continue" (mails are still subjected to further checks) or "deny" (reject the mails).

    An example:

    [domains] = { "action": "continue" }

    Please note that this config/relay_dest_domains.ini is shared with plugins/relay_force_routing.js, which uses additional fields.