SpamAssassin plugin

This plugin implements the spamd protocol and will send messages to spamd for scoring.



  • spamd_socket = [host:port | /path/to/socket] optional
    Default: localhost:783
    Host or path to socket where spamd is running.
  • spamd_user = [user] optional
    Default: default
    Username to pass to spamd. This is useful when you are running spamd with virtual users.
    You can also pass this value in dynamically by setting:
    1. connection.transaction.notes.spamd_user in another plugin.
    2. The special username: first-recipient. The first envelope recipient will be used as the username.
    3. the special username all-recipients may eventually be supported. See the get_spamd_username function in the plugin.
  • max_size = N optional
    Default: 500000
    Maximum size of messages (in bytes) to send to spamd. Messages over this size will be skipped.
  • reject_threshold = N optional
    Default: none (do not reject any mail)
    SpamAssassin score at which the mail should be rejected.
  • relay_reject_threshold = N optional
    Default: none
    As above, except this threshold only applies to connections that are relays (e.g. AUTH) where connection.relaying = true. This is used to set a lower thresold at which to reject mail from these hosts to prevent sending outbound spam.
    If this is not set, then the reject_thresold value is used.
  • munge_subject_threshold = N optional
    Default: none (do not munge the subject)
    Score at which the subject should be munged (prefixed).
  • subject_prefix = [prefix] optional
    Default: *** SPAM ***
    Prefix to use when munging the subject.
  • old_headers_action = [rename | drop | keep] optional
    Default: rename
    If old X-Spam-* headers are in the email, what do we do with them?
    rename them to X-Old-Spam-*.
    drop will delete them.
    keep will keep them (new X-Spam-* headers appear lower down in the headers then).
  • connect_timeout = N optional
    Default: 30
    Time in seconds to wait for a connection to spamd
  • results_timeout = N optional
    Default: 300
    Time in seconds to wait for results from spamd


The optional check section can allow skipping SpamAssassin check for remote connection meeting following criteria.

  • authenticated
    Default: true
    If true, messages from authenticated users will be scored.
  • private_ip
    Default: true
    If true, messages from private IPs will be scored.
  • local_ip
    Default: true
    If true, messages from localhost will be scored.
  • relay
    Default: true
    If true, messages that are to be relayed will be scored.


The optional defer section can allow returning a DENYSOFT status back to the client. Setting these to true will force the client to retry later in cases where spamassassin is not responding properly. If set to false, then the errors will be ignored and message processing will continue.

  • error
    Default: false
    If true, return DENYSOFT on socket errors
  • connect_timeout
    Default: false
    If true, return DENYSOFT on socket connection timeouts
  • scan_timeout
    Default: false
    If true, return DENYSOFT on scan timeouts


A SpamAssassin plugin can be found in the contrib directory. The Haraka.\[pm|cf\] files should be placed in the SpamAssassin local site rules directory (/etc/mail/spamassassin on Linux), spamd should be restarted and the plugin will make spamd output the Haraka UUID as part of its log output to aid debugging when searching the mail logs.


This plugin now passes the X-Spam-* headers generated by SA through unaltered. You can control the presence and appearance of X-Spam-* headers by editing your SpamAssassin config.

The default headers added by SpamAssassin are:

add_header all Checker-Version SpamAssassin _VERSION_ (_SUBVERSION_) on _HOSTNAME_
add_header spam Flag _YESNOCAPS_
add_header all Level _STARS(\*)_
add_header all Status "_YESNO_, score=_SCORE_ required=_REQD_ tests=_TESTS_ autolearn=_AUTOLEARN_ version=_VERSION_"

Other headers options you might find interesting or useful are:

add_header all DCC _DCCB_: _DCCR_
add_header all Tests _TESTS_
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