Tarpit plugin

This plugin is designed to introduce deliberate delays on the response of every hook in order to slow down a connection. It has no configuration and is designed to be used only by other plugins.

It must be loaded early in config/plugins (e.g. before any plugins that accept recipients or that return OK) but must be loaded after any plugins that wish to use it.


To use this plugin in another plugin set:

connection.notes.tarpit = <seconds to delay>;


connection.transaction.notes.tarpit = <seconds to delay>;


The configuration file for tarpit is config/tarpit.ini.

  • hooks_to_delay - a list of hooks to delay at. This setting can be used to override the default list in the plugin. For example, if you notice that malware is disconnecting after delaying rcpt_ok, you can remove just that hook from the list:


Plugin Timeout

config/tarpit.timeout (Default: 0)

All Haraka plugins can configure a name.timeout file. The timeout specifies how long Haraka lets the plugin do nothing before it times out. When zero, there is no timeout. When non-zero and seconds to delay is longer than tarpit.timeout (default: 1s), you'll get errors like this in your log files:

[core] Plugin tarpit timed out on hook rcpt - make sure it calls the callback
[core] Plugin tarpit timed out on hook quit - make sure it calls the callback

The solution is to set the contents of config/tarpit.timeout to zero or seconds to delay + 1.


When tarpitting a command it will log 'tarpitting response for Ns' to the INFO facility where N is the number of seconds.