Watch plugin

Watch SMTP traffic to your Haraka server in a web interface.

Watch Screen Capture

Enable Watch

  1. Enable Haraka's HTTP server (see listen in http.ini)
  2. Add 'watch' to config/plugins
  3. Point your web browser at

Enjoy the blinky lights.


  • Hover your mouse pointer or tap (with touch devices) on table data to see more details.
  • Copy that connection UUID at left and use it to grep your logs for even more.
  • Edit the files in watch/html and play with the appearance. If you make it better, post a screen shot somewhere and create an Issue or PR.

Interpretation Key

  • Green: tests passed
  • Light Green: tests passed, but with conditions
  • Yellow: poor results, but not awful.
  • Light red: tests failed, but no rejection
  • Red: tests failed causing rejection